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Carl LaFlamme

Hi, I'm Carl LaFlamme and I create a better world by empowering others to live their dreams of a better life.

Prior to becoming a successful entrepreneur, I was a national award-winning advertising copywriter for Fortune 500 companies and smaller regional brands. 


Then the Internet came along and I jumped in with both feet. I spearheaded  the creative development and online initiatives for a variety of websites. I also used my internet marketing skills to build a company that does over 1 million dollars a year in sales. 


I offer a program that teaches you how to set up and operate a mini-office from your computer. As your Program Guide I provide coaching and training to make sure the system works for you. 


Whether you want to make a $1000 a month on the side, or a six figure income in a new career, I can help you. To learn more download my free ebook at:


When I'm not having fun helping people become a successful entreprenuer, I enjoy bantering with my good friend Mike on our Carl and Mike Podcast. We talk about everything under the sun and then some! You can find us on iTunes at:


I define success as being happy at what you do while having both the financial freedom and the time freedom to enjoy life. I believe everyone has the ability to create the life they want to live.   -- Carl LaFlamme

Carl LaFlamme's Background

Carl LaFlamme's Experience

Owner/ President at Spider Marketing

January 2001 - April 2012

Consultant at Shaklee Corporation

July 2004 - December 2004

Vp of Marketing at EWRX

January 1999 - January 2001

Sr. Copywriter at McCann-Erickson World Group

January 1990 - January 1992

Copywriter at TracyLocke

January 1985 - January 1989

Copywriter at Copywriter's Inc

January 1984 - January 1985

HEAD/Writer at The 5th Floor Comedy Troupe

January 1983 - January 1984

Podcaster at Carl and Mike

Present |

What’s this podcast all about? Well everything important. And nothing in particular. In between all that, we solve world problems. Micromanage each other’s personal lives. Tell stories. Riff on social and cultural happenings. Predict the future. Mock ignorance wherever we find it. And generally rant, rave and question the things you’re not supposed to talk about in “polite circles” – especially politics, sex, and religion. After seven years of having coffee and great conversations every Friday morning, we thought you might enjoy our chats as much as we did, so we decided to launch this podcast! Join us for an always authentic, hopefully enlightening and entertaining conversation

Owner at Team Freedom


Offer business systems, marketing programs, and personal coaching to set people up with an online Mini-Office Outlet in partnership with a brand supplier who is a leader in the in the development of green, household, health and wellness products.

Carl LaFlamme's Education

Iowa State University

1976 – 1981

B.S. Journalism & Mass Communication

Concentration: Journalism, Communications, Advertising, Marketing

Valley High School

1974 – 1976

Providence Catholic High School

1972 – 1974

Carl LaFlamme's Interests & Activities

Business Coach, Podcaster, Sales Leader, Writer, Internet Marketing, Network Marketing, Mankind Project, Live Happy

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